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How To Prepare For A Kitchen Renovation?

Ready to take the leap towards your modular kitchen? Well, you will have to prepare yourself for the renovation. Make sure that you get a time estimate from your renovator about how long it will take for them to finish the project so that you can prepare for the shift accordingly.

How to shift your kitchen for the renovation?

1) Be ready to work in a makeshift kitchen

Choose a location that is close enough to the kitchen so that you do not have to relocate things all over the house. But at the same time not too close so that you are disturbed either by the noise or the dirt and dust around.

2) Pack the unnecessary gadgets and appliances

Once you know how long the shift will last you can decide how many things you need. Keep the bare minimum amount of utensils and crockery outside as they are in a makeshift place. This will not only help you manage the space well but also avoid misplacing items during the renovation.

3) Plan easy to cook meals

Well, of course, you might have the urge to prepare regular meals that require a considerable amount of time and preparation, but we would like to suggest that you opt for easy meals. The ones that can be easily cooked without much fuss. Take-out and dining out are also good options, especially if your place is really messy.

4) Keep dry snacks and ready to eat food handy

Trust us, you will need this. Especially if you and your family like to keep snacking in between meals. This will not only avoid the fuss of not finding things and making it all messy but also save you some time cleaning and tidying things up.

5) Use disposables if you can.

We are sure that without a functioning sink it might get difficult to do the dishes, and pots, and pans. You can use disposables wherever possible and then recycle them post usage. This way you can save yourself the hassle of washing up after every meal.

Another suggestion would be to relocate for a few days and enjoy a small vacation of sorts if that is feasible for you. Discuss the options with your renovator for better ideas and inputs.

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