Why a Patio Cover Can Make You Feel More Secure

If you live somewhere where the weather is nice for most of the year, an outside space like a deck or patio could be a great addition to your house. You may not be aware that Butte Fence provides several patio coverings in Boise, ID; they might be a useful addition to a home security plan.

Choose from the numerous alternatives offered that match both the architectural design of your home and the neighboring activities. When selecting a cover for your home, it is important to consider both the cover’s functionality and its aesthetic appeal. This is done so that guests outside may view your house exactly as it is depicted on the cover. If you want to know what kind of cover would be ideal for your home, talk to the person who created it and do some research.

You should base your own study on the list of possible covers supplied on this page. You can decide whether the changes that follow are permanent or not.


Awnings have long been a common addition to patios and decks. Both the design and the construction materials have undergone significant alteration since its launch. The Roman Empire is the location of the earliest known records of awnings, it should be noted.

Awnings and other structures that create shade were initially used by prehistoric civilizations like Egypt and Syria. The use of these types of structures dates back to these cultures. The earliest awnings were constructed on buildings to protect them from the sun’s beams. The materials used to make the goods were fabric. Most likely during the Roman Empire, the first awning that could be folded up while not in use was developed. The Roman Colosseum had the velarium, a retractable roof designed to keep the arena at a suitable temperature.

The awning is now leaning to the right. The way the awning was made, everything that touches it simply rolls off. Awnings are still prevalent, maybe due to the variety of uses for which they are suitable. Awnings can be attached to a structure either permanently or retractably. The retractable mechanism gives you a choice to switch between powered and non-powered choices.

When a deck is only used for a few months out of the year, retractable deck covers could be the most practical option. In the winter, awnings can be rolled up for a number of reasons, including snow and ice protection. It may be possible to stop tornadoes and other catastrophic weather by rolling them back. They provide a large amount of sun protection and may be customized to the wearer’s needs.

Taking Advantage of Canopies

There are certain parallels between awnings and canopies, but not all of them. There are also fixed and retractable variants available. When compared to other options, canopies are usually the most affordable patio or deck construction. Another advantage is the canopy’s ability to be swiftly erected.

If you want to offer shade to guests on your deck during the hot summer months, whether you’re anticipating a large party or just want to keep your kids and dogs happy, a canopy is a terrific alternative. As a result of its malleability, which is equivalent to that of awnings, you may choose the design that most closely resembles the appearance of your home.

Solar Awnings

Solar screens are used to filter off a lot of sunlight, as their name indicates. However, they do make it more difficult to see through the interior while not blocking the view from the outside. Unlike the other types of coverings covered on this page, the screen is intended to be hung vertically and functions as a protective screen rather than a covering. These mobile panels, which also provide excellent insulation, may be quite useful for homes that face south.

Protective Actions

However, it is your responsibility as the property owner to always keep your patio and deck in good shape. Would you want a close friend or family member to suffer an injury on your deck or patio? Always keep these important safety precautions in mind when enjoying your deck or patio.

Check your deck’s wood to see if any of it is decaying. If you maintain your deck properly, it may last a very long time. Wood, on the other hand, degrades with time. A spade, shovel, or pitchfork are all helpful tools to have on hand while inspecting the deck’s wood for rot. If you can fully pierce the wood with a shovel or pitchfork, it has to be repaired.

Check the stairwell’s railings and steps for stability. Maintenance-required railings and stairs should be avoided. Give the railing a slight push to see if it’s still completely attached. Examine the stairs to determine whether they are still level and if the deck is starting to come away from them.

An essential part of care for trees and plants is pruning. Trim or remove any overgrown plants or trees to make extra space on your deck.

Always keep a good space between your home and the grilling area. Under no circumstances should you install a grill or fire pit close to your home. You can never predict when the grill fire will start. No matter how cozy you may think it is, staying too near to your home is not a good idea while setting out a fire pit or grill. There could be a few coals left to burn.

Remove any evidence of mold and algae from the area. In the United States, summertime temperatures and humidity levels may become exceedingly uncomfortable depending on where you live. The potentially harmful allergens thrive in conditions that are conducive to reproduction, such as siding and decks with lots of shade. Choose a mold and algae remover that won’t hurt your pets, the environment, or your health.

See whether there are any uneven, crooked, or improperly laid patio pavers. During very hard winters, asphalt sidewalks and concrete patios are prone to cracking. Ensure that the patio pavers are free from damage and are level.

Make a plan for where each piece of furniture will go in the space. Furniture should ideally not be placed near the pool’s deck rails or other safety equipment. Preschoolers have a sharp intellect and an insatiable curiosity for the outside world. If a child is permitted to stand on this piece of furniture, they are likely to slip off and either plunge into a pool or over the edge of a balcony.

Locks must be used to secure the doors. If you have young children, it is especially important to keep the gate to your covered patio or deck secured at all times. If your patio or deck is distant from the front door, you should secure it.

A patio heater should only be used with the utmost care. Patio heater use has increased during the past several years. If you intend to use it on your patio, make sure it is positioned on a solid, level surface. If the temperature fell below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the propane would not function as intended. It should be maintained outside the house, much like the barbeque.


In terms of the enormous variety of patio and deck covers, both permanent and temporary, that are currently available, the alternatives mentioned thus far are only the tip of the iceberg. When you’ve done your research and decided that this is the best course of action, look into your other long-term possibilities. Click here to learn more about these types of long-term opportunities.