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Enter the Best Filtration Systems: High-Tech Ways to Save Water

It is vital to remember that the average American tends to use approximately a hundred gallons of water per day. Since shortages are something that happens all across the globe, especially in California, it is crucial to find ways to save it and still enjoy it as always.

We are not saying that you should measure each drop, even though that could be stressful and frustrating, but implementing technological advancements is the best way to reduce both monthly bills and help the planet save this particular resource.

The most common waste happens during the showers, lawn irrigations, toilets, and landscapes, which are something that you need to, remember. Generally, toilets are the number one users in most homes across the globe.

Only fixtures such as bathroom faucets, showers, toilets, and other appliances require gallons per day. That is the main reason why you should find the appliances and fixtures that feature the Energy Star label and certification.

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It means that you will be able to save at least 20% of water compared with previous times, which is an important consideration that you need to make. The same thing goes for washing machines and dishwashers as well.

1.Smart Sprinklers

It is vital to understand that areas such as California that feature low levels could have a much higher supply if you find smart ways to handle the irrigation system.

The idea is to reduce outdoor consumption by implementing smart solutions, and you will save water up to 25% than before.

Of course, you will be able to deal with trees, plants, and gardens, but you should find smart ways to increase the overall efficiency.

Understand that irrigation systems are not just sprinkler heads, but you can find the smart systems that will handle all the work. They will feed the plant life in your backyard by using drip, underground, or root irrigation process, which is much more useful than others are.

Finally, you can save up to 65% of water by throwing away the standard timer-based systems and find the ones that will connect to the Internet and your smart home system.

That way, you will handle every single job based on weather reports so that you can prevent wasting a few hours before raining.

Have in mind that they tend to use weather stations to determine the outdoor conditions as well as solar radiation, rainfall temperature as well as evapotranspiration with an idea to determine how much water your garden or lawn requires.

2.Use Rainwater

Another way to reduce the overall expenses is by storing and collecting the one you already used as well as rainwater so that you can use it for numerous purposes.

You can find systems that will collect it so that you can use it for irrigation purposes, which is an essential consideration because you will not waste the public supply but use natural resources from rains.

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The idea is to use the old rain barrel trick, which is digging the underground cistern or tank so that you can store it and be creative at the same time.

On the other hand, you can find numerous systems that will feature sensor-based characteristics so that you can remove the debris and reduce the possibility of using too much of it as before.

That way, you can filter out everything that gets inside and connect it to the underground piping system that will direct stormwater and debris and cleanse it inside the storage tank. With it, you can enjoy an irrigation system without using public water that will increase the overall expenses.


Implementing smart valves is the best way to create recirculation systems. It is an effective way to empty the cold water from the pipes inside the particular tank and provide you the warm freshwater on-demand based on your preferences.

According to the Department of Energy, you will be able to save up to 3000 gallons of water in case you implement a recirculation system that will help you all the way.

The idea is just to push the button as soon as you enter the bath, and you will get the warm, filtered so that you can prevent further expenses.

You can also implement smart filtration system so that you can drink purified water, which is much more cost effective than other offers that you can find on the market.

Of course, it comes with specific requirements, because you will not be able to install this system on old piping, but if you are up to renovation, is the necessary addition you should implement.

4.Smart Flush

The toilet is one of the biggest spenders in your household because we tend to do it a few times during one go, which is something that will affect the general expenses.

You should know that some options come with the ability to use 1.6 gallons per flush, while it will determine whether it should require less based on what you are doing inside.

High-tech options come with the ability to rinse your throne with efficiency depending on your preferences, and they come with Energy Star certification so that you can enjoy it for years after purchase.