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Are fire ants dangerous?

If you have an ant farm, and you see dead ants in your house or if you find the carcass of an ant in your garden, do not worry because this is quite common. Ants are an incredibly essential part of the ecosystem, considering they are food for birds. In addition, they help control the […]

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How to Spruce your Home Décor Using Exquisite Tables

We love Solid wood table top Singapore. Are you seeking ways to enhance the look of your home? Your choices are endless, and tables make perfect choices. However, your choice of material is paramount. Solid wood tables work best; they are unique pieces that complement other items in your home. What’s else? They are attractive […]


When to Start With Tree Trimming?

Do you have a tree adjacent to your home/ If you do, it is important for you to regularly trim it, in order to prevent breakage and falling of the branches on your roof. Other than this, the tree might lead to the growth of molds beside your home, unless you carry out trimming in […]

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Signs of a Reliable Aircon Servicing Company In Singapore

The hot, sweltering months are coming fast and your aircon has to be ready! Keeping your room and home cool is of utmost importance for that your aircon must be kept in tip-top condition. This is where your choice of aircon servicing company can make a difference, as regular maintenance is not only essential to […]