Robotic, Stick, or Upright Vacuum: What’s Best for Your Home?

Nothing makes a task a lot easier and uncomplicated than having the perfect tools for it. When it comes to vacuum cleaning, having one that does not fit your house and doesn’t do what needs to be an easy cleaning chore, is a frustrating exercise. Vacuum cleaners are considered the most flexible tool homeowners can own and having one that fits your homes makes keeping it clean a lot easier. 

Let us consider the varieties of house styles, special conditions, flooring types, as well as the type of appliance that is best suited for them. People may have combinations of these and needs to consider different recommendations from different categories. 

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The best device for smaller homes and apartments

Whether you are a new graduate or a college student living in a small house or just downsizing after raising a family, you want a device that will get the job done quickly and efficiently, and not take up space. Stick vacs have come a long way. In corded or cordless styles, they have longer run times, more power, lots of tools, and sleek designs, making the device an awesome choice for apartments and small houses. 

A lot of homeowners convert to handheld devices that were more suitable for a small task and cleaning hard-to-reach spaces like campers or cars. If a homeowner is used to upright or canister vacuums and just are not ready to move to stick vacs, there are smaller models or both types, bagless and bagged, that might be the right fit for their space. 

Also make sure to check the dimensions and weight of certain machines, along with the tools and collection capacity. Another machine to consider is the robotic version. This device also comes a long way since its first model hit the market. They are excellent for hands-off vac cleaning, especially if homeowners hate cleaning the house. Its features are consistent for most robotic vacuums. This type of device needs to have:

Navigation and dirt sensors, including cliff detection and anti-collision

The runtime of at least one hour, with automatic to semi-automatic re-charging

Wireless or physical boundaries to block off certain areas of the house

To find out more about robotic vacs, check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robotic_vacuum_cleaner for more details.

A lot of vac types have smart control using a free application that allows users to start, schedule, and stop cleaning task on their smartphone. Resume cleaning, automatic re-charging, and intelligent mapping features make these devices worth a closer look, not only for apartments, and small homes but also for larger properties with bare floors and short-pile carpeting areas. 

The best device for multi-level and bigger homes

A homeowner just bought a bigger house to accommodate the needs of their family, and their little vacuum is just not going to cut it. Depending on the floor size of their property, there are canisters and upright devices that have large bag capacities and dustbins, longer power chords, wide canisters, extra tools, and extension wands to help them keep their place clean. 

These models are high-quality devices built to last. But do not toss your smaller devices just yet. And extra vac is very handy, especially if you have more than one floor in your home. As a matter of fact, homeowners may want to consider checking upright vacuum cleaner reviews and buy the suitable device for your home to be used on one level and smaller once to be used on another. Robotic vacs are also pretty effective for keeping bigger areas of bare floors like eating spaces or open kitchens, debris and dirt free regularly.

The best device for bare floors

Concrete, tiles, stones, or hardwood floors collect dust and debris that can concentrate underneath furniture and corners. For these types of floors, canister vacs are usually the best choice. Along with more than the one-floor nozzle, it also includes different tools that can easily remove accumulated debris and dust in hard-to-reach areas like counters, corners, and gaps in-between appliance. Multi-directional with highly maneuverable, rotating casters and wheels, and canisters will follow users smoothly throughout the house without leaving any marks.

The best device for carpeting

Here is where a good and powerful upright vac is your best friend. A strong beater bar with a brush roll can dig deep into any types of carpets to help loosen dirt and dust without going over the same area repeatedly. Make sure to look for these important features that can make your life a lot easier.