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5 Tips for Selecting a Laundry System in Singapore

Many people who grew up in HDB apartments are accustomed to hanging their clothing on bamboo poles to dry. However, standard and automated indoor laundry racks are available from BTOs nowadays. You might be confused about where to start when selecting the best brand of automated laundry system around Singapore, given the wide variety of options available. Here are some tips for choosing the best fit for your needs.

#1 Laundry Load & Size

The capacity of the clothes drying rack in your Singapore home should be one of your primary concerns. Your family size, your laundry load, and the number of garments you intend to hang out to dry will impact the size of your laundry system. Get a laundry rack system with long extension poles if you wish to hang blankets and comforters. Choose ones that drop down from the main system body to maximise airflow.

#2 Added Features (Heater, Fan, Light, Disinfecting Properties)

Consider purchasing an automated system with a heater and fan to hasten the drying process and maintain the fresh scent of your clothing. Moreover, many brands offer automated laundry system options around Singapore with integrated LED lights. Many homeowners also opt for models with disinfection capabilities. Their disinfecting characteristics are especially beneficial for those who suffer from allergies.

#3 Features for User Safety

Safety should be a primary concern when selecting an automated laundry rack system from brands around Singapore. It is a top concern for households with small children and senior residents. Some versions have child safety locks that prevent curious fingers from being exposed, while others automatically stop when they sense an obstruction.

#4 Intelligent Features

Consider purchasing an automatic laundry system with sophisticated features if you want to be all fancy. Most laundry system options around Singapore have remote controls. However, models with intelligent features can also operate through apps or other computer gadgets. It lets you control numerous features without going outside the service yard.

#5 Warranty & Installation Terms

The basic installation of any retractable laundry system in Singapore often entails mounting it to the concrete ceiling. However, you will probably incur additional installation charges to accommodate your false ceiling or other ceiling fixtures. Moreover, look into and understand the warranty coverage for your automatic laundry equipment.

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