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Are fire ants dangerous?

If you have an ant farm, and you see dead ants in your house or if you find the carcass of an ant in your garden, do not worry because this is quite common. Ants are an incredibly essential part of the ecosystem, considering they are food for birds. In addition, they help control the population of ticks and fleas and even help with the decomposition of organic materials.

However, if individuals do not like to touch live ants, they probably do not want to know the insects’ benefits. Nevertheless, they propose several benefits, especially if a person considers them from a long-term perspective.

One of the ants’ benefits is their social structure. This factor is probably the most vital aspect of these insects because they live in colonies, making them different from other organisms.

When there are at least twenty-five per cent (25%) of the ants in a colony, this is considered a healthy society. The workers produce small faecal pellets called castings, while the more significant and older workers gather foodstuffs for the outpost. Therefore, when a person finds an ant mound, an individual can be sure that there are adult ants inside which were not seen before because their colony has decided to move to a new home since the old one is no longer fertile.

Now that you know the basics of these insects’ lives, it should not be difficult to understand why people love ants and their humble history.

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How to Prevent Ants from Infesting Your Kitchen