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Smart Home Renovations you Can Depend On

Have you decided to renovate a house for your real estate project or want to do some renovation work on your building? This article might help you. Here we offer you some tips and advice to make your renovation project a success without a hitch.

Know how to choose the priority work to be carried out

As part of a renovation, you should know that there is always basic work to be considered such as repairing the roof or also insulation work. Indeed, this work is the highest priority and should not be neglected. Then, if your budget allows it, you can then consider the interior, exterior and also the finishes.

Plan your budget properly

Once you have determined all of the work you are going to undertake, you will then plan your budget. You can request a quote from a professional to help you get an idea of ​​what expenses to expect. Also, to avoid unpleasant surprises and unforeseen events, consider having at least 10 or 15% of your budget in addition.

Find out about the necessary administrative papers

Before starting your renovations, don’t forget to find out what building permits you need. Depending on the scope of your work, you may or may not need an urban planning permit. For example, a permit is mandatory for renovation work with the realization of extension, transformation of volumes of your interior.

Call a professional

Even if calling a professional seems a little expensive, know that it is always better. Indeed, not only will the work be carried out perfectly according to your expectations, but also you have a certain guarantee. Builder, remodeling contractor silverthorne co, architect or expert in renovation, the expenses that will be incurred will cost you less than poorly done work.

Do not neglect aid and subsidies to reduce the cost

To encourage thermal and energy insulation work, the government has introduced aids and subsidies that make it possible to lighten the performance of this work. So you can easily insulate your home, change your windows or doors to provide insulation with state funding. Also, the heating system can be changed to more efficient equipment that uses less energy thanks to this state aid. Plus, even though these jobs are still a bit expensive, you can enjoy long-term profitability on your electricity and energy bills.

Make sure you have a permit and apply for it well before work begins. The processing time for permit applications varies from one municipality to another, but it is better to plan ahead so that the work can indeed begin on the scheduled date. Note that the need for a permit varies depending on the nature of the work to be carried out.

Some Renovations Are More Advantageous Than Others

Some renovations are more advantageous than others and will allow you to recover a greater portion of the sums invested in the resale of your home. Among the works that offer an excellent return on investment:

  • cooked
  • bathroom
  • roofing
  • doors and windows

Avoid Over-Personalizing

There are sometimes follies that we can regret! A sauna or a very personalized bathroom with a large whirlpool, for example, is investments that will give little value to your home. Depending on the neighborhood you live in, an inground pool may not be a good investment. Here are two examples to avoid, and be careful, they are very real since the technical experts have seen them with their own eyes:

An owner came up with the idea of ​​building a staircase in his daughter’s bedroom that leads directly to the basement playroom. This is an idea that may appeal to an eight year old girl, but when she gets older and doesn’t want that staircase anymore, it will be very expensive for you to go back.

Another owner had the idea of ​​embedding the bath in the floor. This is an original choice, but one which can greatly affect the resale of the residence.

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