The Best Tiles for Your Kitchen and Their Possible Drawbacks

The tile flooring is perhaps the most popular home improvement style and choice of house owners across the world in the contemporary period. There are other options instead of tile like granite, marble, carpet, hardwood and other wood materials which have been commonly used for flooring. But tiles has become the first choice because of certain factors like tile is hard and durable, easy to maintain, water-stain and moisture resistant, beautiful and above all, it is hygienic and good for overall sanitation. Tile is inevitable for two particular spaces in a house i.e. your kitchen and the bathrooms. But the tricky question is which tile to fit in your kitchen floor? Often, the house owners do not take this question seriously well before buying tiles and eventually get confused when they discover the complications all on a sudden while purchasing tiles. Get the professional assistance and best kitchen tiles from céramiquesporcelaineCarreaux Metro for your kitchen as well as suitable tiles for the entire interior and exterior applications.

Suitable kitchen tiles are basically three types. The porcelain, ceramic and stone. The porcelain and ceramic tiles almost look alike and are produced from clay and other minerals but have distinct features that are different from each other. Both the types of tiles are processed in the kiln with the highest temperature to withstand heavy traffic and other natural hazards like direct sunshine, wet, moisture, stain, and scratches. You can find glazed as well as non-glazed tiles in both ceramic and porcelain categories.

The porcelain tile is made out of clay and sand mixtureand exposed to pressure and high temperature in the kiln to make it denser, harder and less-porous in comparison to ceramic tiles. Eventually, porcelain is more durable and fit for heavy traffic spaces as well as suitable for less-traffic and any interior and exterior applications. You can conveniently use it for your kitchen as well as bathrooms. This can easily withstand any climate around the year and last long even in the open exterior spaces of your house.

The glazed porcelain is additionally quoted with a glasslike material while processing in the kiln for its colour surface. The unglazed porcelain is added with colour in the clay mixture. The porcelain is expensive and further difficult to install in comparison to ceramic tiles. Tiles as a whole are hard resulting in certain break of your glasses and other utensils when dropped. The tiles reflect sound. Therefore, tile flooring may be noisier than other flooring materials. If you have not installed the appropriate tiles in the kitchen it can be slippery when wet resulting serious consequences. However, there are remedies for these possible drawbacks if you are conscious of them while purchasing tiles for your kitchen.