How Easy Is It To Install A Commercial Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System?

Whether it’s for a restaurant or a hotel, working in a kitchen where there are commercial kitchen hood fire suppression systems installed lets you feel extra safe. This is due to the proven effectiveness of these systems. Being surrounded by high-powered equipment, oils, and flames, you need to be able to secure all these elements.

It can be something that you would’ve never even have a nightmare of happening, a fire can start where there’s heat, oxygen, and fuel. A commercial kitchen is full of these three. That’s why there must be a preventive measure to guarantee that the staff and appliances are all kept safe from a fire. You must also invest in commercial kitchen hood cleaning services broward county fl to maintain your appliances.

What the Pros Look for Before Installing Kitchen Fire Suppression

Before you even get started with the installation of any kitchen fire suppression system, you have to first look at the possible sources of fire inside the kitchen. It’s easier to install a fire suppression system for a kitchen that’s still under construction, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have too tough of a time installing it at an existing one.

You have to look at where the slow-cooking appliances are, where there would be a lot of oil usage, and where the exhaust will be centered mostly. These are the usual targets for the installation of fire suppression systems.

Designing the Kitchen for Effective Fire Suppression

As stated above, one thing that you should consider looking into is the installation of commercial kitchen hood fire suppression systems into a room that will be the kitchen before putting everything else in place. Assessing the spacing between equipment that may increase the likelihood of fire will be much easier this way.

By designing the kitchen with the installation of a kitchen hood fire suppression system in mind, everything else will fall into place such as the integration of the system and where the hood will be installed. This is ideal for kitchens that will use lots of high-temperature oils as well as appliances that are used to slow-cook.

Identifying Possible Compatibility Issues With Appliances

Older equipment may not be compatible with the more modern commercial kitchen hood fire suppression systems so the specialists will still have to review the appliances that are inside the commercial kitchen. This means that the year they were manufactured and the standards implemented in those years will be reviewed as well.

As compatibility issues are identified, you will be introduced to viable replacements. The dimensions may differ ever so slightly, but experts will ensure that they’re possible replacements even with the integration of fire suppression systems.

Fire Suppression Systems Keep Your Assets Safe

Never forgo the implementation of a kitchen hood fire suppression system. They will ensure that your appliances will be secured through the prevention of fire from growing bigger and spreading to the other equipment. Your staff will also don’t have to worry about these elements. All they have to think about is getting the fire extinguisher to ensure that they have a safe route to evacuate.

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