How To Provide Good Workshop Service

To provide quality services, it is not enough to want to do it, it is better to know how to do it, especially when it comes to having the ability to guarantee the work done, in terms of quality and reasonable duration.

The Barry Bros Security share tips to provide a better service in your automotive workshop, classified into four categories:


  • Image Of His Workshop


A properly identified and marked facade, clean and illuminated internal spaces and properly arranged areas will give your customers the pleasant impression of modernity, order, and cleanliness.

A customer service area, with a waiting room, provides a friendly and comfortable environment.

A friendly and diligent customer service staff is the first step in building trust.


  • Relationship and Treatment With The Client


Personalized attention, from the entry of the vehicle, to delivery to satisfaction, creates loyalty links.

Clear, respectful and simple communication towards the client, generates trust and professionalism.

The continuous availability of information on the status of the work and the timely communication about the different unforeseen events that arise in the execution of the same, give your client security.


  • Responsibility, Compliance, and Response


Comply with the scheduled response times, confirms the image of professionalism before your client.

Assume that the budget is a commitment between the parties that must be fully complied with, as well as the additional payments,  agreed for the unforeseen reported and reconciled incidents eliminates in the client any doubt about their investment.


  • State Of The Art Technological Equipment, First-Class Facilities, and Technically Trained Personnel


Having state-of-the-art technological equipment, diagnostic equipment operated by qualified personnel offers the customer the confidence of a technically successful result.

Appointment control systems and work monitoring means through direct communication, by telephone, email or digital media, provides the customer with the peace of mind of the availability of reliable information