Kitchen without Upper Cabinets: Pros and Cons

The modern kitchen cabinetry is evolving each day with so many new designs and concepts. It is preconceived notion that having upper cabinets in the kitchen is a must, from the perspective of extra storage. We have put together a list of pros and cons of having no upper cabinets in the kitchen to help you make an informed decision for the renovation project.

Let us take a look at the advantages of designing your kitchen without any upper cabinets.

  • You can show off your kitchen ware

Having upper cabinets eliminates the idea of properly displaying all your favorite kitchen ware. You can color-coordinate certain appliances with the predominant hue of the walls and cabinetry. Imagine getting rich cherry wood cabinets and you can coordinate the colors of appliances like hand-mixer, juicer or toaster. Besides personalizing the entire look to your liking with open shelving, it becomes easier for you to find things and keep the kitchen top neat.

  • Who doesn’t love wide open spaces?

No one likes a cramped kitchen with cabinets running the whole length of the wall. Not having upper cabinets allows you a lot of open space to move around and think clearer. It is so important to have your peace of mind while making a hearty meal for the whole family to enjoy. When you are looking around the cabinet showroom, try to opt for discounted kitchen cabinets because this will let you save some money and spend wisely on decorating the open space you are going to have.

  • It is easier to access

Having upper cabinets that go all the way to the top of the wall creates the issue of accessing the items you have stored up there. It calls for the need of having a tall chair or a small stair handy to access the upper cabinets. If you opt for a kitchen design without any upper cabinets, you will never need to face this issue again. Everything you need is at the reach of your hands and you eliminate any unnecessary equipment that needed an extra storage space.

It is time to look the disadvantages of not having the upper cabinets in your kitchen.

  • Nowhere to hide the flaws

The upper cabinets become an escape route for you to hide any flaws that you may have in the kitchen. You may not have any stylish or sophisticated kitchen ware which you are forced to display on the countertop. It is not always possible to keep the kitchen neat and the upper cabinets rescue you to avoid the mess.

  • Storage issues

You might have a spacious kitchen by avoiding the upper cabinets but undoubtedly, you will be facing storage issues. It is not always easy to have appliances and utensils according to the storage space available. No matter how much you try to avoid buying unnecessary items, they will find their way into your kitchen. Open shelving sounds like an appealing idea but it is very difficult to function with considering the less storage space in the kitchen.

  • No point of wasting money to look cheap

You may have thought that you are being economical in not opting for upper cabinets but you are risking the overall look of your kitchen and it might come off as cheap. If you have put everything on display and the items you own are not aesthetically pleasing, it might bring down the whole ambience. Having more structures in the kitchen like the upper cabinets, allows you the opportunity of looking fancy and sophisticated as you can redesign the frames or the colors of the upper cabinets.

In providing you with this detailed list of pros and cons of not having upper cabinets in the kitchen, we hope you can now make a well-informed decision. Do not be overwhelmed by the sheer number of pros and cons, take some time and visit the showroom to evaluate your options properly.