How to Childproof Your Children’s Play Areas

Parenting children often walks a fine line between protection and exposure. We all want our children to have fun and explore their surroundings when playing, but it becomes difficult and even stressful for us to imagine them using personal playground equipment without the proper safety guards in place. From using an artificial grass playground surface to custom building your area, ensure that your children have access to the safest play area possible.

Check Equipment Often

Extreme temperatures and weather patterns can corrode and even break crucial elements of the playground. Check all equipment on a weekly basis for structural damages, broken or rusty edges, or potential pest infestations. The more often you check, the less risk factors will be present.

Keep a Watchful Eye

Children below the age of 5 should not be allowed to play without supervision. Be sure to stay outside with them until they are old enough to make good decisions alone. Having some one-on-one playtime with your child can help to grow important bonds and establish safe playground rules.

Keep Age in Mind

Younger children and older children have differing safety concerns, which should be reflected in your playground setup. Large slides, fireman poles, and tall monkey bars should be avoided. Small slides, seesaws, and carousels would be more fitted for younger demographics.

Location, Location, Location

Certain locations in your yard will be safer for a playground than others. When setting up the ideal area, consider staying away from:

  • Hilly, rocky, or sloped areas
  • Areas that receive harsh sunlight
  • Areas in low dips
  • Areas with access to deep pools or running water

It is generally recommended that a playing area be established in a sunny spot near the home, with some shade areas for rest. However, your individual needs will vary according to the needs of your children.

Use a Softer Ground

Surfaces like shredded tires, foam mats, and an artificial grass playground surface can greatly reduce the effects of trips and falls. Synthetic turf is the most natural looking material, providing the elegant colors and feel of grass with a safe and reliable alternative. Synthetic turf also helps to keep stinging insects like ants and yellow jackets from setting up colonies near favorite playground areas.

Stay Safe with ForeverLawn

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