Luxury Redefined: Southampton’s Real Estate and Exceptional Living

Southampton’s allure is that you can switch from a luxurious estate to a charming village simply by taking a walk. Considered one of the most luxurious Hamptons neighborhoods, Southampton is home to tree-lined streets, prestigious estates, and sandy beaches. It is the closest Hampton to New York City and allows you to enjoy the activity, art, and culture of New York and be able to go back to your sanctuary in no time. Below, we take a closer look at Southampton real estate, and what living there looks like.

Southampton Real Estate

Situated to the southeast of South Fork in Long Island, Southampton is made up of several unincorporated hamlets and villages. It is the most competitive of the Hamptons market and appears in the portfolios of most cosmopolitan real estate investors. The area is bordered by seven miles of shoreline and 11 beaches. It is also home to multiple high-end stores like Lily Pulitzer and Intermix.

Southampton is also the location of Meadow Lane, famously known as Billionaire’s Row. This area features small cottages nestled alongside ocean-front estates worth $100 million. Outside Meadow Lane, Southampton homes for sale list at a median sale price of $1.95 million.

Southampton Luxury Homes

Homes in Southampton Village tend to cost more than those in Southampton. This neighborhood features luxurious estates close to the bay and the village, its restaurants, shops, and more.

The prominent style in this and other luxury neighborhoods like Gin Lane and Meadow Lane is laid-back and vacation-like. The magnificent homes are bordered by pristinely manicured hedgerows and lawns and boast stunning tree-lined village streets and driveways.

Southampton once hosted the Gilded Age society, so it remains a hub for high-profile individuals and families. Most residents of Southampton are weekenders or second homeowners looking for a reprieve from city life. The pace is slow and relaxed, and running into a famous resident here is not rare.

Living in Southampton

Southampton is very private and exclusive. The homes are large and expansive and often have a long history going back several decades, even a century. Complete with old-money social clubs and societies, Southampton is also the cradle of multiple popular family dynasties.

And as mentioned, Southampton is home – or at least a second home – to many notable and famous people. Some industry titans and celebrities who own a home here include John McEnroe, Brooke Shields, Howard Stern, George Soros, Tony Burch, and Calvin Klein.

The villages are a hub for high-end shopping, beautiful architecture, old-world manners, and picturesque sights. Walking here might even feel like going back in time to classic American society. The town itself is historical, having been founded in 1640 and named for the Earl of Southampton.

Living here, you will experience long-established restaurants, shops, and boutiques with a long family history, especially on Jobs Lane and Main Street.

Talk to a Reliable Realtor About Your Next Southampton Home

Overall, the appeal of Southampton is its old American charm, exclusivity, and privacy; all blended with the luxurious allure of pristine beaches and blue waters. If you are considering buying a second or even a first home here, Matthew, a Southampton realtor with decades of experience, can help you. He is widely recognized for his luxury listings and professionalism. Contact him today to schedule a consultation and discuss your investing, renting, selling, or buying needs.