Few Different Types of Mosaic Tiles to Choose From

Nowadays, there are different mosaic tiles available which can be made out of different kinds of materials and also available in many different sizes. They also use various different techniques to manufacture them.

Let us discuss about few Ceramique au Sommet tiles in Montreal that are available in many different designs and patterns.

  1. Stone mosaics

While imagining about mosaics, people generally tend to imagine about few beautiful and timeless Greek and Roman floors having tiny inlaid stone which will create a huge picture after they are completed.

If you like, you may also get designs of various flowers or geometrical designs and shapes.

  1. Glass mosaics

These mosaics are usually transparent, mirrored or opaque tile pieces. These tiles can easily bounce lights all around the room so that you can have glowing effects.

Sometimes, these mirrored glass mosaics can make you feel special with the help of shimmery effects. With the help of sun lights or even any lamp lights, you are able to create light and shadow effects which can bring unique sight.

  1. Medallions and murals

It is possible to use different manufacturing techniques that allow stone masons to shape the stone into different curves and also in delicately thin pieces. Earlier it was very difficult to do.

By using new manufacturing techniques, it is possible to create different medallions and murals without needing any tiny bits or pieces for creating flowing curves.

  1. Etched stone

It is now possible to etch on larger tiles which are very precisely carved into any kind of desired design. It is possible to create sculptured effect on tiles that are more smoothly and luxuriously engraved.

Such designs are intricate, and also deeply etched.

  1. Hand painted stone

It is possible to opt for different styles on hand painted stone where you can copy any design or style so that you can have picture of any fruit bowl in the kitchen, which is upgraded within hand painted stone.

This technique can easily be adopted for including landscapes as a kitchen backsplash or any contemporary works of art, by using a hand painted stone.

  1. Stone tile

You can create different kinds of mosaic tiles by using new manufacturing techniques however, as you vary their size from a tiny bit and piece to large squares then you have whole new technique to make designs that is unique and breathtaking.

  1. Waterjet mosaics

It is possible to create intricate scrollwork and also can put together very large as well as small puzzles, with much better precision and provides a professional look needed for modern businesses.