Learn the Ins and Outs of Choosing Wicker Patio and Garden Furniture

As a private retreat, your backyard is perfect for al fresco gatherings with friends and family. However, outside spaces are never quite complete until fashionable, comfortable, and functional pieces like wicker patio furniture are added.

Choosing the right pieces of this sturdy outdoor furniture and ensuring that you are getting the best quality may seem like a daunting task. However, due of its durability, this kind of outdoor furniture is a great addition to any garden.

Our outdoor living specialists at Outer will cover everything from the greatest professional advice on buying high-quality items to how to design your new backyard furniture in the sections below.

Certain Qualities Define High-Quality Synthetic Blends Rattan and Wicker Patio Sets

The name “wicker” refers to the weaving process rather than the cloth itself. Unfortunately, only a minority of individuals know this to be true. Everything from rattan to polyethylene and beyond may be used to create beautiful wicker furniture.

Whether or not the wicker furniture you have bought is suitable for use outdoors depends on the kind of material utilised. While rattan and bamboo, for example, have a nice look, they may quickly decay and be rendered useless if left outside in the elements.

Wicker made from a number of different synthetic materials is the best option if you’re looking for a high-quality, long-lasting product. Material options for a close weave include HDPE and LDPE (high and low density polyethylene). In turn, this implies that there are less crevices for dirt and moisture to settle into. The Wicker End Tables are essential there.

Strong Structure

It’s crucial to use high-quality methods and materials throughout building. Similarly, if you’ve ever sat on an unstable piece of outdoor furniture, it’s probably because it wasn’t properly reinforced.

To determine if a piece of furniture is made of high-quality wicker or a less expensive material, look at the frame’s inner structural elements. Look for weatherproofing features like a powder coating and a high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy that has been powder coated.

Textiles that do not suffocate

When it comes to weather resilience, being outside eliminates any possibilities of influencing the natural environment around you. The cushions on your outdoor furniture should be weatherproof and strong enough to endure the elements. The outdoors may surprise you with anything, from heavy rain to unsightly stains.

Look for fabrics that have been manually stitched and can handle the dirt and grime of daily life. As an added bonus, it would be great if it had a nano-coating that could withstand being submerged in water, covered in dirt, or exposed to any combination of the two. Everything is just right here.


With so many potential dirt-makers in the home, including kids, animals, the elements, and spills, it’s important to know what to look for in a piece of furniture to extend its life and save you from continuously replacing it. Building on what you already know about what makes for great wicker, here are some suggestions for finding the outdoor wicker furniture that’s right for you.