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How We Prepared Our Home To Install The Aircon

I bought an AC because it was hot when sleeping at night. An electric fan was not enough to make our nights comfortable due to the hot weather. And so, my family decided to save money so we could buy an AC. It’s already December, and 2023 is fast approaching, meaning summer will also arrive. Before the hot season, we decided to prepare our home for the upcoming months. Once we placed the order for AC, we arranged our home so the contractors could install the aircon in Singapore.

Our home is tiny, and it’s a one-floor apartment unit. So, my family had to clear the space for the installation and remove obstructions. But more than this, here’s how we prepared our place for installation.

How We Prepared Our Home To Install The Aircon

We wanted to have our AC installed as soon as possible because it was uncomfortable to sleep at night with only an electric fan. So, when we got the AC delivered, we looked for a contractor that helped us install it immediately.

Since we were eager to have a new AC, we prepared our home food with an easy installation process. So, learn how to prepare our home so the contractor can install the aircon.

1. Created More Space For The Installation

We created more space for the installation process by removing big furniture that could obstruct the way for the contractors to move around our home. We also did this when we called for aircon servicing in Singapore. It gives freedom to move around and keep the installation or repair job a smooth process.

2. Placed Our Pets In Cage

We also placed our pets inside the cage before the contractors arrived. Dogs are naturally hostile to strangers. We put them inside the crate to avoid accidents. It also gave us peace of mind that our dogs would not bite the contractor for installation or repair like the aircon pipe replacement.

3. Prepared Some Tools

Although the contractor had all the needed tools, we also prepared some equipment that could help the installation process. For instance, we provided duct tape, tablecloths, water, and other necessary materials. This way, there would be no problem in installing the process. Everything will go smoothly, and the installation will not take days.

4. Clean The Surrounding Area

Clean the surrounding area when you invite a contractor for the aircon pipe replacement. I could vouch for this idea because the contractor worked better when we had a cleaner room. No dust could affect the contractor’s health and make the movements easier.

5. Be Hospitable

Most importantly, we practised hospitality when we invited the contractor. We were friendly enough to ask about the aircon gas top up price. We also offered snacks and water to accommodate the contractors during the installation process. I also showed gratitude before the contractor finished the installation and repair service.

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