How to choose your gym mat in 5 minutes?

A thick, foldable, tapetes para gimnasio, non-slip, antibacterial, comfortable, sturdy, inexpensive?

Some tapetes para yoga or gymnastics are very expensive because they are made of natural material. We want it aesthetic, practical and comfortable; the price also depends on these characteristics.


Let’s start with BABA because it is a criterion often forgotten. A gym or yoga mat that is too small is a lack of comfort in your practice. Imagine your feet on the cold lining of your room in full relaxation! You will quickly be limited in your movements and you will not enjoy a total freedom of action.

For this, we recommend a minimum length of 180 cm and a minimum width of 60 cm.

A size of  183×61  or  186×62  is ideal and standard for all exercises.


A material that prevents your gym mat from slipping even on smooth surfaces, and that allows you to have good ground support, if you sweat hands and feet.

The ideal is to choose a carpet with a non-slip coating, which is not too rough. Indispensable for yoga and pilates especially during postures in balance.

There are also eco-friendly alfombras para sala for young and old yogis made of natural materials:  cotton ,  hemp ,  bamboo ,  wool , and even  natural latex  ! Ideal for allergic children.


If your carpet stays in gym or yoga studio, no worries! We advise you to take a foldable floor mat  . It is easier to store and fits easily under a sofa or bed.

But if you have to transport it from home to work, public transport, your work in the room, and the room at home, it can quickly become very painful (https://orpical.com/ultram-online/) and a brake on your practice.