Flea and Tick Prevention for Pets and Humans.

Fleas and ticks are basic parasites that live upon your well-being, and while doing that,  they transmit dangerous diseases to humans and pets. Preventing them from infesting your homes is the most necessary thing. In this guide, you can find what exactly they are and how to prevent them from infesting your house, as suggested by romneypestcontrol.com.

What Exactly Are They?

Fleas are tiny and wingless creatures that usually survive on the blood of mammals and birds. They reproduce very quickly and also jump long distances. It will be hard to handle them once they start reproducing.

Ticks are a type of arachnid that feeds on reptiles and amphibians along with mammals and birds, and they carry various diseases like Lyme disease and Mountain spotted fever.

How To Protect Your Pets From Their Harm?

Pets are usually the first ones to get them as they have fur or long hair. Here are some ways you can protect your pets. Groom your pet regularly so they cannot reproduce further in their fur. Ask your veterinarian to prescribe some preventatives like collars to prevent them from infesting fleas and ticks.

Keep your yard clean as they thrive in thick bushes and grass. If your place is going through a mass infestation of fleas and ticks, do not take out your pets too often.

How To Protect Your House From Fleas And Ticks?

You also need to ensure that your house is clean and tidy so they do not find something to thrive on. Vacuum your house regularly, especially where your pet spends most of its time. This will ensure that the eggs and larvae in your rugs are cleaned.  

Regularly wash your pet’s bedding and rugs in hot water to remove flea eggs. Most importantly, keep your house clean of clutters, as they are the perfect place for them to lay eggs.

How To Protect Yourself From Them?

Keeping you safe from fleas and ticks is also necessary to live a healthy life. Here are some things you should do to achieve that.  Where fleas and ticks are abundant, expose your skin as little as possible to prevent them from infesting your body. 

Applying insect repellents such as DEET and picaridin will prove effective if you want to go out. They repel fleas and ticks along with other biting insects, which can harm you greatly if you come in direct contact with them. After spending some time outside, check yourself for the presence of ticks.

Contact Pest Control Today!

Make sure you speak to a pest control service as soon as possible. They will eradicate them if they are present in your close vicinity as they are professionals.