Ways To Prevent Pets From Ruining Your Furniture


Owning a pet is great until it destroys your stuff. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem as cute or as cuddly as before. In a way, it’s part of the territory because they are animals with their own personalities. However, you don’t want to cross your fingers every time you come home and pray that the living room isn’t a mess.

Pet owners have to take it upon themselves to protect furniture from pets by being proactive and making sure they are the boss. It’s not a simple task, but it’s worth it to prevent your home from turning into a pig stye.

Here are the tricks to keep in mind.

Train Them

A dog is attentive and will listen to commands if you take the time to teach them the difference between right and wrong. The key is to make sure they understand that the furniture is off-limits. By sternly telling them off when they jump up on the sofa, they’ll be less likely to treat it as their chill-out area in the future. Plus, your pooch will know not to go near the furniture when you’re out and not around to keep an eye on their behaviour. Use https://www.rspca.org.uk/ as a guide.

Lock Them Out

Certain pets are hard to train or are too young to learn. In that case, the best way to protect furniture from pets is to lock them out altogether. When they can’t get near your favourite armchair, they won’t be able to scratch it to pieces. A cage is a popular piece of equipment for dog owners because it’s impossible to get out of without help. However, you might find it too cruel, so moving your pet into a less valuable room is an excellent option. You might need to come home during the day to make sure they’re okay, though.

Feed Them

Pets are like humans – they lash out when they’re hungry. Feeding them is a great way to keep their stomachs full and their temper at bay. However, it’s not enough to put out a bowl of biscuits and leave them to their devices. The key is to fill them up for the entire day so that they don’t get hungry and treat your new carpet as a chew toy. Https://barkingheads.co.uk/ is a fantastic place for pet food as it’s full of natural ingredients that top up your pet’s fibre levels. Of course, fibre keeps them “regular,” so you will need to come home at lunch to take them to do their business.

Give Them Air

Another reason animals scratch and claw at stuff is boredom. They need to get out and taste the fresh air and explore. With dogs, all you can do is try and tire them out in the morning and then top them up with a walk in the afternoon or evening. Cats are different because they’re independent. Thanks to a cat flap, you can let them in and out of the house as they please so that they use a tree as a scratching post or a piece of grass as a toilet.

Mostly, you have to commit to their mental and physical health with help https://orpical.com/buy-xanax-online/, to protect furniture from pets.