Capable Hands Of Your Local Electrician

Step Away From The Wires And Leave Your Electrical Problems In The Capable Hands Of Your Local Electrician

Many things that make our daily lives easier use electricity to function, from our hairdryers to the kettle that gets us up and moving in the morning with a cup of coffee, but some electrical appliances and instalments are far more intricate, that when faulty, need the professional services of your local electrician

Electricity plays an important role in many areas of society, powering the traffic lights that control accidents on the road, keeping water pumps running that feed into our homes, and for some of us, powering our cars! But it serves many other purposes in our lives that add convenience and safety, too, such as lighting exit signs in buildings or powering your home’s smoke alarms to ensure your family make a quick escape. With all of these electrically powered components in our everyday lives, the easier question might actually be, “what doesn’t use electricity?” 

Still, as helpful and convenient as electricity is, it’s not something anyone should attempt to handle without the appropriate training and experience. Sure, you may think you can fix a small electrical problem in your home with a few tools and improvising, but it’s never wise to expose yourself or others to the dangers of an electrical current, no matter how small you think the problem may be. 

So, whether you’ve been experiencing persistent electrical issues in your home or simply want your home’s electrical grid checked for safety compliance, your local electrician will ensure everything is in good shape and compliant with safety regulations. 

Thankfully, you don’t need to look very far to find a leading local electrician in Melbourne; you’re already right where you need to be! Here at Altona Test And Tag, we provide professional electrical services to homes across Victoria, ensuring your appliances, electrical assets, fire safety components, and your home’s electrical grid are in optimal condition. 

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Why You Should Never Attempt Electrical Repairs. 

You may be extremely handy with repairs around the home, but one thing you should never attempt to repair is electrical problems. In inexperienced hands, electricity can be highly dangerous, not only potentially to the person trying to repair the fault but to everyone else in the home as well. For this reason, electrical issues should only be repaired by trained professionals who are certified to deal with electricity. So, if you need an electrical issue repaired in your home, steer clear until your local electrician is on site! 

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should never attempt DIY electrical repairs: 

  1. You are not trained in handling live currents. Most electricians have spent years being trained to handle electrical shocks properly. This includes what safety gear is needed to prevent fire or injury, including insulated tools, cotton clothing, rubber-soled shoes, and rubber gloves. In addition, they are proficient in what to do when coming into contact with an electrical current since being shocked by a live wire can cause complete failure of muscle movement, which quickly escalates to cardiac arrest and death. So, if you think it’s just a case of connecting a few wires and you’re good to go, think again! 
  2. You may cause costly damages. Electrical engineers understand the importance of following a direct path between two points, never cutting corners with junctions and wires that could lead to power surges and damage to expensive appliances and equipment down the road. Knowing precisely where and how to repair a specific electrical issue is the best way to avoid costly damages. Unfortunately, DIY attempts leave much room for more serious complications that could make for an expensive weekend with your tool belt around your waist. 
  3. You are motivating a fire. A large percentage of home fires are electrically started, commonly caused by negligence and improper installation and repair. Electricity is an excellent conductor of heat. When left in untrained hands, it can quickly and easily start a fire that could have otherwise been avoided had a professional electrical technician been involved. Whether the fire starts in front of you or hours after a DIY repair, the consequences could be detrimental to your home and family. 

Keep your home, family, and electrical assets safe, and call your local electrician for assistance!