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Bed Bug Exterminator: How to Defend Against These Pests?

There is a good chance that people or someone they know has problems with bed bugs. These things can happen even in spotless rooms, offices, college dorms, or hotel rooms. According to experts, after a long absence, this pest is starting a comeback.

Fortunately, scientists are studying these bugs, and the results suggest unconventional ways of detecting these insects and stopping their infestations. But some of these solutions are long shots. In the meantime, a homeowner’s best bet is to avoid these pests in their properties in the first place. Listed below is some information about bed bug infestation, as well as questions about this topic.

Do these things only feed on humans?

The answer is no, these insects also affect the poultry industry, and they are known to parasite the bat kingdom. Some laboratories that study these insects rear them on mice and guinea pigs. These things also feed on dogs and cats. There is a good chance that fur is a barrier to these pests, but they could also feed at body parts without fur. These pests are not specific to the human race, but they are adapted to pester us.

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Could people have bed bug infestations in their homes without knowing it?

That is possible – there are reports that only one person in the house is getting bitten. In reality, everyone in the house is getting bitten, but only one person reacts to these bites. At least 30% of individuals do not respond to bug bites, and older people are less reactive compared to the rest of the population.

People who react to these bites usually do not respond to early bites but develop sensitivity to subsequent ones. People who are not very sensitive to these things may not know their house is already infested with bed bugs. Because these pests are active at night, it is very hard to see signs of their presence unless homeowners are accustomed to waking up at two o’clock in the morning and checking their beds.

With massive infestations, these things start to move away from beds, so homeowners are more likely to see one in exposed places during the day. In severe infestations, individuals can become anemic; it takes a lot of these pests, though – more or less 100,000 feedings at least once a week.

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Another sign of pest infestation is odor. Like most bug species, bed bugs release a particular scent called the alarm pheromone. When these things get disturbed, people may get a whiff of this odor, which is almost the same stinky odor that bugs give off. This odor is very unpleasant at higher concentrations. Some property owners say at low concentrations; it smells like coriander. As a matter of fact, according to older literature, this pest is also called coriander bug.

What can people do to avoid getting infested with bed bugs?

The first thing homeowners need to do is to kill bed bugs is distinguished and recognized them from other insects. Everything looks like this pest if people start to worry about them. Adult ones are about the same shape and size as a regular apple seed. If these pests have not been fed recently, they will be brown and flatten.

If it has fed, it will be reddish in color and round in circumference. Young bed bugs have the same appearance as their adult counterpart, with the smallest being the same size as a pin’s head. Property owners need to learn how to look for the pest’s fecal spots, which can be easier to detect than the insect itself.

Individuals need to check their hotel rooms when traveling. And make sure to think twice before bringing home second-hand furniture. If homeowners are buying second-hand furniture, ask the store how they kill bed bugs or solve these problems. If they have no actual plans, that is probably a red flag.

If they buy used clothes, they need to make sure to wash them with disinfectant and put them through the clothes dryer on a high setting for a short cycle as soon as they bring them home. And before they move into a new house or apartment, they need to ask their landlords whether there have been problems with pest infestation or whether the property has been prepped or primed with pest treatment.