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Advantages of switching to an electric tankless water heater


Switching to a tankless water heater st augustine fl is now improving every home living experience. This is all possible due to the benefits an electric tankless hot water heater can provide for countless homes. Since most people are trying their best to cut costs from energy bills, being mindful of power consumption and reducing energy usage is the priority. The good thing is that these on-demand tankless water heaters are energy efficient.

People often do not consider replacing their old water heating system, especially when it still does the job right. Just like most appliances, if it is still doing what it’s supposed to, then there’s no reason for replacement. But if you’re current water heater is now having some acting problems. Maybe it’s time to give the electric tankless water heater a good look. To help with that, here are some advantages of switching from conventional water heaters to an electric tankless water heater.

Much safer

An electric tankless water heater is undoubtedly way safer than tank-type water heaters. Conventional water heaters that use tanks usually have a higher risk of overheating and, worst-case scenario, explosion. Overheated tanks can cause it due to continuous reheating of stored water and significant leakages. On the other hand, with electric tankless water heaters with no tanks to overheat and a system that only heats up on-demand, explosion and overheating are out of your worries. 

More efficient

As mentioned before, electric tankless water heaters are known to be more efficient when compared to conventional ones. This is because traditional water heaters tend always to experience standby energy loss. It happens when the heated water is stored in the tank just waiting to be used. While it is sitting there, the thermal energy will dissipate. Because of that, the heater will need to reheat the water countless times regardless of whether it is being used. But since electric tankless water heaters do not need a tank and only heat up water on-demand, they will be way more energy-efficient and convenient. 

Longer lifespan

Electric tankless water heater systems have a longer lifespan than tank-based water heater systems. They can last twice longer as water heater brands usually offer a longer warranty of up to 20 years. Eliminating the repair costs and lessening the maintenance fee. Plus, these units are easy to clean and do not take an hour.


Switching to a better and upgraded version of appliances when needed is not a bad idea. Especially when your old water heater is acting up and causing more problems than benefits. Luckily there are electric tankless water heaters ready to give you convenience for every use. An energy-efficient, much safer, and long-lasting water heater for every home.

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