Are your sewage pipes leaking? What are the reasons behind it?

Many times homeowners are worried about the clogged drain happened in their home. Though, clogging is a headache, but it is not difficult at all to fix it. If you are looking to prevent the backing up of sewer line, here is what you can do. But before that the firstly you need to understand the simple causes of sewer line clogs. Visit to know more.


  • Toilets


In case you are using your toilet as a trash can, then you are inviting the sewer clogs by your own. Hence, one should avoid flushing different foreign objects. The experts suggest flushing out the toilet paper as well as human waste only. Other than these can damage your sewer lines. 


  • Garbage disposal


Throwing everything in garbage disposal is also wrong. Whether you are throwing left out food or some oily thing. This is a way to clog your drainage system very quickly. You should clean the kitchen sink timely. 


  • Tree roots


The growth of tree roots toward the sewer line is also a reason behind the clogging of sewer line. The tree roots make their way when the sewer lines are corroded, cracked, damaged or aged. Thereof, it directly interrupts the smooth functioning of drainage system. 


  • Broken sewer line


The lines get corroded or cracked when get aged with time. Due to any kind of damage, dirt and debris start getting accumulated and start causing lots of troubles. 

Read the signs of sewer line clogs

Everyone should know the signs given by sewer lines that they are getting clogged. On finding any of these problems, do click on and get the experts help. 

  • Bubbling happening in the toilets.
  • Sluggish drainage in different drains.
  • Occurrence of foul smell from the drains. 
  • Single plumbing fixture of all wastewater backups. 
  • Unrequired wet patches. 

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