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Signs That You Should Repair an AC Unit

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to your home is a faulty AC unit, especially during the hot summer months. Even if it happens, remember that this is an indication that you have not conducted regular maintenance and professional inspection.

Generally, signs that your AC unit is faulty are transparent, which means you can be proactive and prevent them before they turn into expensive processes. If your unit is approximately ten years old, it is much better to avoid repairs and find a new one instead.

Before you reach a point where you have to purchase a new unit, we recommend learning more about common signs that you have a faulty unit. The best way to learn more about repairing an air conditioner is by checking here for more info.

The easiest way to prevent this particular problem is to conduct regular maintenance once a year before summer arrives. That way, you can avoid potential issues that may affect your lifestyle and enjoyment within your household.

Still, some signs are simple to notice, which is why we will present you with the most common ones that may happen.

1.Inefficient Cooling

The first and most common indication that you have issues with your AC unit starts with inadequate performance and efficiency. For instance, if you stand below it, you will determine the cool air coming out of it.

However, if nothing happens or if you need to wait for hours until your home reaches the temperature you wanted, you should find a professional to check it out. We can differentiate a wide array of reasons why this particular problem may happen.

For instance, you may have dirty filters, low levels of refrigerant, which means that you should find AC repair professionals to prevent further problems.


One of the most common problems that can happen to your AC unit is water leakage, which signifies that you should conduct professional maintenance. You may notice water dripping from it, which means that you have a clogged drain line.

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Besides, this problem can arise because you may have improperly installed drainage slopes. In case you notice leakage, you should address it as soon as possible because it can lead to severe consequences to your home.

Another reason for leakage includes blocked condensation pipes due to excessive debris and dirt within air filters.

You can prevent this particular problem by being proactive, especially since neglecting this particular sign may lead to significant issues to your AC unit and household as well.


When you purchase a new air conditioner, it will not produce strange noises. However, as soon as you notice something different, it means that you should think about calling experts for help.

Common noise issues such as clicking, squealing, humming, or banging can happen due to a faulty compressor or a broken part within your unit.

In case you neglect it, the problem will increase, and you will end up paying more for repair than before. Simultaneously, if you notice a squeaking sound, it is an indication that your fan or blower stopped working correctly.

The changes in sound mean that the repair is imminent, while avoiding it can lead to serious consequences and even complete a unit’s failure. That is the main reason why you should conduct regular inspections to ensure that this particular problem never happens.

4.Short Cycles

As time goes by, your AC unit will wear out, which means that it will require more time to handle a single room.

However, the problem happens when the cycle turns itself off without giving you the desired outcome. Of course, an AC unit should turn off when it reaches the desired temperature, but if it starts to turn off before, it is a clear indication that you should do something about it.

As soon as this particular problem happens, the results will not be effective as before, which means that you will end up paying and waiting more for the process. At the same time, it may lead to severe discomfort, especially since you will have to pay higher energy bills.

Besides, short cycles and turning on and off may put pressure on it, leading to other costly problems. That is the main reason why you should address this particular issue as soon as you notice it.