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See How Easy It Is To Hang Peel And Stick Wallpapers In The Nursery.

It would be a shame to leave a wall all empty, all sad, and all-white in a nursery, especially when we know that there are a thousand and one way to dress and decorate it to make it more fun and pleasant for our little ones with wallpaper stick and peel, which is not difficult to install. Here are tips to guide you:

1) You Should Clean The Wall

Clean the wall with a mild cleaner or a soft rag to be free of dust and grease before you place the wallpaper. You can also prime them for a smooth result; this option should be done a week in advance.

2) You Need To Level Upon

Before you install the first panel, you should set up the laser level. This ensures that the panels are hung correctly and also helps them to align.

3) You Should Peel Off The Backing

The next thing is to gently peel off the backing of the wallpaper starting from the top corner. You should peel four down from the top and straight line; this exposes the adhesive at the top of the panel.

4) You Should Tag The Top

With the adhesive Backing exposed, you should line them up and tag the Top. This means to press it down so that you can work with your hands-free.

5) You Should Smooth It

When working in a linear motion with the squeegee, you should smooth the paper out from top to bottom. Also, the backings should be pulled off when working your way to the floor. This is easy once you get into the rhythm. The tricky part is to take your time and align panels so that the seam will match. You should repeat the process until you are done the nm trim thee excess with a knife.

Peel And Stick Wallpapers

We can recommend the peel and stick wallpaper that sticks very easily to decorate a wall. There are all styles, with lots of different shapes and patterns of beautiful nursery wallpaper that you can choose with your child to be sure they will like the result.

An Accumulation Of Frames/Paintings

The current trend is for the accumulation of frames, paintings, and posters on the walls. The idea is to create a mix and match of different shapes, formats, and posters while maintaining absolute harmony. You can then have fun mixing personal photos, inspiring posters, hand-painted paintings to compose a beautiful set that will compliment a wall.