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4 Eco-Friendly HDB Interior Design Ideas In Singapore

Your home interior design company may offer you tons of trending interior designs, from modern contemporary to minimalist down to Scandinavian. But there is one that never goes out of style— eco-friendly interior design.

Here are some tips on how to transform your HDB interior design in Singapore into an eco-friendly one:

1. More windows

Can benefit you in two ways. The first is light. When you have enough windows to illuminate your home during day time, you don’t have to use light bulbs in the morning. It also means reduced energy consumption.

The second is natural ventilation. You don’t have to rely solely on your HVAC system if you have windows that allow proper air circulation. It can also reduce your energy consumption.

Most power sources come from burning fossil fuel, and reducing your electric consumption is indirectly helping the planet. You can ask your renovation company in Singapore if the installation of new windows is possible.

2. Retrofitting

Instead of asking your home renovation contractor in Singapore to knock down walls during renovation, why not consider retrofitting first? Retrofitting means strengthening or innovating an existing structure instead of removing them. It will minimise your waste and give a new look to your interior design without compromising the credibility of the infrastructure.

3. Choose sustainable materials

Instead of going for hardwood, why not opt for wood furniture made of bamboo? Bamboo grows faster than trees that are source of hardwood. You can also use recycled and upcycled materials in your HDB interior design in Singapore instead of brand-new ones.

4. Use sustainable technology

Did you know that there are appliances that consume less electricity today? A few examples are LED bulbs and TVs, energy-efficient AC units, and water-conserving showerheads. You can also incorporate renewable energy, such as solar power, as your alternative source of electricity.

What are you waiting for? Apply these tips to your HDB interior design in Singapore!

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