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4 Proper Steps of Cleaning Your AC

During the hot season, most families will use their ACs to make the environment cooler. It’s hotter when living in a tropical climate because heat can be unbearable on some days. As a human being, you’ll want to live in a comfortable environment, making you turn on the AC 7 days a week and almost 12 hrs a day. Due to overuse, your AC may need some aircon chemical cleaning in Singapore to retain its functionality.

For better AC performance, here’s how you can clean your air conditioner during the hot season.

1. Turn Off the Power

Before cleaning the AC, ensure that you unplug the wire and turn off the power. You have to ensure safety and protect the internal parts from water damage. After turning it off, you can now proceed to theaircon chemical wash process in Singapore.           

2. Open the Bolts and Screw

To access the internal part, you should also open the bolts and screws to make it easier for you to clean them. If you’re unsure how to open those bolts, you can call a professional who can do the aircon chemical cleaning without damage.

3. Clean the Internal Parts:

After opening the bolts and screws, it’s not time to thoroughly clean the internal parts. Mind you, and you have to be careful when cleaning them to avoid further damage. When you haven’t cleaned your AC for more than 12 months, it’s better to look for anaircon chemical overhaul service in Singapore.

4. Clean the External Parts

Cleaning the external parts might require more labour because they are constantly exposed to dirt. So, if you need help, call for professionals who can help you wash the AC. You can search for a chemical overhaul price in Singapore to know how much money you need. 

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