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What to Consider When Shopping For Your Ideal Kitchen Sink (in the US)

It can be said that the most important part of a home is the kitchen but the sink is one of the most vital parts of a kitchen. From washing hands to cleaning plates to seizing hot preparations, the kitchen sink is one of the most useful parts of the kitchen.

Even though you often need to ensure that your sink blends well with the design plans, it is also very important that you consider the utility value of the sink as you will need it every day for various things. One of the biggest mistakes is picking one that’s too small for your families needs.

While picking a kitchen sink may not seem that hard, it can be expensive to replace if you’re realized later on that is not the right sink. 


  • Size and Functionality Considerations


There are several size options when it comes to shopping for your perfect kitchen sink. There are sinks that are as small as nine inches in length while you can get sinks that are more than 40 inches in length but the latter are often for bigger areas. Consider how you want to use the sink. If your goal is to have a manageable area for making meals, an average prep sink of about 24 inches will be perfect. 

In a case where you are shopping for a replacement, it is better to go for a larger one. In most cases, the average kitchen sink measures 30 or 33 inches but in the United States, the standard size for a kitchen sink is in the 24 to 36 inches range. The size of your family and the containers you will be using in the kitchen should be factored in here too. It is also here that you decide whether to go for single-bowl, double-bowl or even a triple-bowl kitchen sink! 


  • Style and Design


Once you are able to conclude on the size of your kitchen sink, the next thing will be to take a look at the style options that are available. Drop-in kitchen sinks are perfect if you want easy installation and removal while a farmhouse style of ideal for those who will be working with large volumes. Other styles include corner, prep (also called bar), wall mount and under-mount and their names are self-descriptive. 


  • Materials Used


You also have a number of choices when it comes to the actual material used that your sink is comprised of. Various kinds of materials are used for kitchen sinks. You have to make sure that when selecting based on the material, you are able to balance durability, cost, and aesthetics too. Popular choices include cast iron, granite, marble, stainless steel or copper.

That said, fireclay is an overlooked but popular material to use. What is a fireclay kitchen sink? It is thick clay that has been subjected to incredibly high temperatures which blend with other materials to give it its classic enamel coating made from porcelain. Fireclay kitchen sinks do not rust or become discolored. If you do not want the shiny finish of fireclay kitchen sinks, you can go for the ones made from