Types of Air Purifiers
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Types of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are a great way to clean the air in your home. However, there are many types of air purifiers to choose from. This article will review some of the different types of air purifiers and which type would be best for you based on your needs.

1. Activated Carbon Air Purifiers

Putting a bag of activated carbon in the freezer lets, you run an air purifier without electricity.

Being able to purify the air without requiring any external power source is a huge advantage, but many people don’t have anything that they can use as an air filter, much less something that can function as a proper air purifier capable of removing harmful pollutants from a room.

When activated carbon air purifiers are available, they work by being placed in a room and allowing the air to flow through it. It then removes harmful chemicals or any odors that have been passed into the air, so it is safe to breathe again.

Because these devices require no power source, they can be used anywhere there is a source of fresh air. However, because nothing is done to the air besides filtering it through the device, they cannot remove all harmful chemicals from the air.

2. Ozone Air Purifiers

When a room needs extra cleaning, an ozone generator can be used as a type of air purifier.

Ozone generators are capable of removing chemicals from the air to make it safer for breathing, but there are some issues with using them because ozone itself is a chemical that could cause harm if too much were present in the air.

The ozone has to be created by the generator, which involves running an electrical current through the oxygen present in the room. The result is that there is a small amount of ozone produced that then gets converted into regular oxygen like it was before.

This type of purifier can also work with other chemicals in order to break them down into their base elements so they can be removed from the air.

Consequently, these devices are usually only used in specialized settings because of their tendency to create too much ozone that could cause harm to people or pets in the room.

3. Air Cleaner-Ionizer-Negative Ion Generator Devices

These devices work by converting ions into electricity, which can then be used to attract particles, chemicals, and gases into the air.

The main benefit is that they are incredibly effective at attracting pollutants with negative ions, although they can also collect contaminants with positive ions as well.

Then the negatively charged oxygen molecules are collected into one area of the device while all other particles are carried to another location.

This type of air purifier rarely requires any maintenance, although it can sometimes collect too much material inside the device, so it has to be cleaned regularly.

There are also some people who have an allergic reaction to these types of devices because they have a high amount of electricity running through them, which means that they should only be used by people who don’t have any medical conditions that would cause problems with the electricity it uses.

4. Plasma Air Cleaners

Plasma is a form of ionized gas, which means that it has an electrical field included in the particles. This makes it easier to remove pollutants from the air because they can be collected more easily than with traditional air cleaners.

These devices work by taking the gas present in a room and ionizing it so that there are both positive and negative particles present at the same time. The gas is then attracted to a specially designed surface where they attach themselves, which allows for easy removal from the air.

Then the now positively charged ions suspended in the air can be collected and removed with a proper air filter where they can be cleaned and released back into the room.

People who use this type of air purifier will pay more for it than any other kind, but there isn’t a major difference in how effectively it works on chemicals or gases that are commonly found in many homes. If you are wondering, Can Air Purifiers Prevent Cold & Flu? The answer is yes. Air purifiers can be a great investment if you have someone in your home who is allergic to dust or has asthma. If not, they may still offer some benefits for people with allergies and sinus problems.

5. Carbon Air Cleaners

Carbon air purifiers work by having a bed of activated carbon where small particles and chemicals can attach themselves to make it easier for them to be removed from the air.

This type of device is able to remove almost all harmful gases and chemicals from the room, but it does require a power source like a large battery or a plug-in in order to work. They are filled with carbon and can be quite effective when it comes to removing odors and chemicals from the air, which makes this type of purifier a good choice for people who have issues with chemical sensitivity or an allergy that causes them to react poorly to perfumes and other smells that seem to permeate a room.

We hope this article has helped you to understand the different types of air purifiers. Contact HVAC service in Atlanta today and get started on the installation of your air purifier.