Home Improvement



It becomes a headache when you realise that you have to renovate any part of your home, especially kitchen. Kitchen is an area which is full of knick-knacks and is most used area of any home. The cabinets, the stove, the counter top need regular maintenance and regular upkeep. Still, you have to renovate them when the time come. It is confusing to select designs and products to replace the old ones. This becomes especially hard when you have a tiny space for your kitchen. Companies like Cuisines Vima help you to renovate your small kitchen professionally.

Following are the best ideas to use your space well:

  1. Use organisers for your things

Partition of your drawers and cabinets with little organisers to fit all the things in a particular place. You can get the organisers at a very low price online or in the stores. Get a new spice rack for storing and retrieving all your spices conveniently. This will free up a lot of space.

  1. Use racks for keeping your utensils

You can match the shapes of your utensils to store them so they require least space. Pair up all your trays and cutting boards together to store. On the other hand you can put all your sauce pans inside one another so that they occupy less space. Use little racks where you have space for stuff like glasses.

  1. Put your towel hanger to a use

You can attach a towel hanger to one of the sides of the cabinets. You can get a few S-hooks and hang your pots and pans on this towel hanger. This is a novel idea to declutter your small kitchen.

  1. Use the backsplash space fully

Do not waste any of the backsplash space. Use towel hangers, magnetic knife holders, etc. to hold your knives, cups, dish towel, measurement and other spoons. The backsplash space is mostly ignored in storing. So do not forget to use this space.

  1. Storing lids

Storing of the lids of the pans and pots take up lot of space. Also, they break easily if not stored properly. The doors of the cabinets can be fixed with the V-hooks to store the lids safely.

  1. Light

Light plays an important part when you look at a place. If your kitchen is not light up properly then it will look smaller than it already is. Brightening up your kitchen to give it a bigger look is essential thing. Use colours that will enhance the kitchen décor. Looking for more ideas? Kitchenate has a blog on more small kitchen design ideas for your reference too!