Tips to repair leaking washer type kitchen faucet

These days, you can easily come across different types of faucet models and makes in the market. But you need to buy one that is affordable, easy to maintain, repair and replace. If you feel confused, then go through the different kitchen sink plumbing El Cajon websites to derive valuable information.

Kitchen sink faucet types

They are basically of two types, namely:

  • Washer-less faucets
  • Washer type faucets (compression)

Repairing leaking faucets

Washer type faucet type is fitted with rubber washer to seal against the valve seat. As it wears out or hardens, leakages may occur. Tightening the faucet can help stop or slow down the leakage. Improper tightening might cause some internal damage requiring replacement. If you do not feel confident, then you should hire the kitchen sink plumbing El Cajon experts.

Fixing dripping faucet

  • First, shut off the water supply if shut off valve is present under the fixture. Otherwise, turn off hot water supply coming from the water heater.
  • Take apart the kitchen sink faucet. Remove handles by loosening its screws present generally under the ornamental cap. Make sure to remove by rotating ‘on; direction.
  • Examine the different parts thoroughly to locate the issues. The compression type has the following parts:
  • Handle screw
  • Cap
  • Stem nut
  • Handle
  • Stem
  • Packing nut
  • Seat washer
  • Threads
  • Valve seat
  • Washer screw
  • Faucet body

In case of worn out threads, the stem is to be replaced. At times, the washer may cause the faucet to leak. It requires replacement if it has an indentation or is completely flattened. Washer seat is another part to check. It should be refaced immediately. Damaged washer seat can also be the reason for leaking problems. If the washer seat gets unthreaded, then replace it. You need to find out if the valve/washer seat is replaceable or not. If the washer seat cannot be replaced, then it is high time to invest in a new branded kitchen faucet. If you feel confused with the entire thing, then it is better to call in the kitchen sink plumbing El Cajon specialists. They can complete the job quickly.

  • If required, replace damaged/worn-out faucet parts
  • Re-face washer seat
  • Once the above-mentioned steps are completed, reinstall the faucet in reverse order.

This way, you can get to know how to repair the faucet without any professional assistance. But if you lack time or knowledge, then you should hire the certified kitchen sink plumbing El Cajon. They can do a nice job without increasing the expenses. You can also use the faucet without any worry for a long time.