Things That Aren’t Allowed In A Storage Unit

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Storage units can be a valuable asset in your life. With the right storage Southwark facility at your disposal, you can store everything from boxed clothes and household gods to office furniture and vehicles. Before jumping in at the deep end, though, it’s important to know which items aren’t allowed in storage.

With professional storage Southwark, it’ll be possible to store a vast array of items. However, the following items are prohibited.

Illegal items

Unsurprisingly, it is not permitted to store illegal goods in a unit. After all, you should not possess them at all. This can cover a whole host of different illegal items including but not limited to drugs, chemicals, guns, and weapons. Essentially, if you are not allowed to keep the products at home, you are not allowed to keep them at the storage unit either. However, you can store only your registered/licenced guns, hunting rifles and related accessories like AR-10 rifle kits with no problem at all.


Storage units can be used for many different processes. However, anyone wishing to stay in their self-storage unit overnight should know that this is not permitted. Similarly, you cannot work from the Southwark storage unit as if it were an office. While you are allowed to add and remove items as you see fit, using it for personal shelter is not an option.


Likewise, storage units are not suitable for storing animals. Despite the climate control, these areas are not fit for purpose and it would be hugely unfair on pets to keep them in a Southwark storage unit, even if the animal is hibernating. As a responsible pet owner, you wouldn’t want to put your pet(s) at risk in the first place. As such, this is an unsuitable place for them.

Goods that need powering

It is very common for users to store electrical equipment, household appliances, and related electrical goods in their properties. Unfortunately, you cannot use self-storage facilities to keep items powered. For starters, the spaces do not boast the electrical power points to facilitate this. Even if they did, it would make pricing a nightmare and present a range of problems.

Food and drink

Similarly, food and drink cannot be stored, despite the fact that fridges and freezers are fine. This is largely a direct link to the fact that the appliances can’t be plugged in, meaning that rotting foods could cause bad smells and encourage mould growth. Even dried foods will attract pests, though, which is why all food and drink is prohibited

Larger vehicles

Bicycles and motorbikes can be stored in small spaces within the unit. However, the storage of cars and caravans is not permitted. Aside from the spacing issues, there are no external areas to store them, while oil leaks and similar threats should not be ignored either. There are plenty of alternative solutions designed for car storage in South London which would be better suited.

Ultimately, the list of unsuitable items are those that are either illegal or impractical to keep at the self-storage facility. But if you require further support, you can always give our friendly agents a call. We’re always happy to help.