The Six Fundamental PrinciplesTo Virtual Staging

Do you want to sell quickly and at the best price? Have you thought about home staging to enhance your home or apartment?

Ninety seconds: this is the average time necessary for a buyer to be seduced or not by your property — furniture too big, decoration too personal, etc. Small details can be enough to scare your potential buyers; that is why virtual staging is necessary.


The impression of suffocating, furniture too imposing, lack of space, the first slogan to allow potential buyers to project into your interior: De-clutter

The more you leave the traces of a presence or a decorative style, the more the number of charmed visitors is reduced. So we empty, sort, throw, sell or give.

We also do not forget to remove everything related to the privacy of your home to depersonalize it and allow your future buyers to project themselves:Wedding photos,Posters in the children’s room,Children’s drawings on the fridge.

Repair the Degradations

Anything that is broken or damaged damages the image of your property. So we repair, and above all, we hide no degradation.

Remember, the little flaws that you have accommodated and that you do not see any more will be perhaps the first thing that your potential buyers will notice.

Storage Place

More than just common sense, storage is a priority. A badly ordered house gives a bad impression quickly. It is therefore thought to tidy all nooks carefully.

A real estate purchase is not trivial; visitors will have an eye on everything. If the task may seem simple for an occasion, the most challenging thing is to keep the house impeccable throughout the sale.

Do a Great Cleaning

A real estate property looks healthy, so well maintained. And conversely, a dirty house gives an old picture. So we do a thorough cleaning, and we stay there all along with the visits.

Reactivate Your Interior

Once the space cleared, tidy and perfectly cleaned, we think intelligently of the furnishings of the remaining furniture.

Think fluidity: the future buyer must be able to move freely in your apartment or house. No furniture should obstruct traffic or light.


Your buyers do not buy your furniture or your decoration, but they do, however, significantly contribute to the overall appreciation of your home or apartment. So do not hesitate to add some decorative elements to enhance your property and create an atmosphere at once sweet and warm.