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The Homeowner’s Guide to Different Types of Roofing Materials

There are different models of coverings with the most varied materials. Therefore, it is very important to analyze the characteristics of each one and choose the best option. In this article, Zenith Design + Build will present some of these models.

Apparent Roofs

This type of coverage is widely used and quite versatile in different projects, from the most traditional to the most modern. In this case, the tiles are usually part of the house’s facade, so materials with a good finish are chosen, such as ceramic tiles.

There are several types of tiles and Types of Roofing Materials on the market, each with its characteristics and intended use. To learn more about them.

One Water

Among apparent roofs, it is the simplest and most affordable; this model is widely used in small homes, outbuildings, and outdoor gourmet areas. The roof has a face for rain drainage, so its structure is simple and generally rests on the house’s roof.

Two Drinks Of Water

The roof with a gabled roof is well known and used in Brazilian homes. It has two drainage faces and can be built in two ways: canal, where the two faces meet is the ridge, and American, in which one of the parts is higher than the other.

This model is not highly recommended in places with strong winds.

Three Waters Or More

It is an option for larger houses that require greater rainwater drainage. Ridges and spikes characterize these roofs.

Built-in/Flat Roof

In this type of coverage, the roof is not visible on the house’s facade; It can be finished with tiles or directly on the slab. This model is widely used in modern architectural projects, offering a more sophisticated appearance. However, it requires greater care in maintenance than other types of coverage.

Roof Tiles

The built-in roof gets its name because the tiles are hidden by a small wall called a platband. In this type of coverage, it is not necessary to use tiles with a high standard of finish, as they are not visible; fiber cement tiles or metal tiles are normally used.


In this roofing model, the finalization is directly on the slab, so a specialized workforce is essential for proper waterproofing. This roof may or may not have free access for residents, depending on the project.


In this type of coverage, the house gains more of an environment, usually for leisure, where elements such as a swimming pool, barbecue, and even a gourmet area can be present. This model is finished on the slab and receives a floor covering as a finish. This area has free access, so guardrails are installed around the entire perimeter.