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Stump Grinding – Mistakes You’re Making

Stump grinding is a process that has been around for decades. When you’re hiring someone to do stump grinding, it’s important to know what mistakes you need to avoid so that you can get the best service and price possible. This blog post will provide three tips on how to find an expert stump grinder contractor.

Choosing To Grind Stumps That Are Too Close To The House

If you’re going to have a stump grinder, come out and grind stumps in your yard, one of the most important things is to make sure that they are far enough away from your house. For this reason, certain companies will put up boundaries with orange nets. The area behind these boundaries should be clear so that workers will know where not to grind.

Grinding Stumps Too Close Together

Having multiple trees removed can sometimes present a problem as well because it’s hard for an expert contractor to get around all the stumps while grinding without damaging other plants or landscape features. It is best if only one or two trees are being removed at once so that there is plenty of room to maneuver. Be sure to let your contractor know if you’re concerned about them grinding too close to other plants.

Using The Wrong Equipment For The Job

The biggest problem with DIY stump grinding is that many times, homeowners will try grinding their stumps themselves or hiring a professional tree trimmer who doesn’t have an appropriate machine for the job. Sometimes a circular saw simply won’t get the job done and it will be necessary to use something more powerful like a brush cutter with an engine larger than 10 hp.

Another Issue That Can Happen Is Allowing Workers To Grind Stumps By Hand. 

If this option is used, make sure they’re using heavy gloves because even though there might not seem like a lot of force being applied, just dropping the chisel on the stump could cause fingers to get crushed.

Thinking That A Stump Is Fine After It’s Been Cut In Half

One common mistake homeowner makes when watching professionals grind stumps is assuming the job was done once they see evidence of grinding marks on the surface of the stump. Grinding marks can sometimes be 100 feet deep into the ground so it’s important to have workers come out periodically to check for depth and ensure that everything is being ground properly. Often times, power lines are hidden within stumps, which could cause issues if they aren’t discovered before work begins. 

Using An Unlicensed Contractor 

Before you hire someone to do any type of work in your yard, whether it’s huge or small, it’s best practice to look up their license number with the Better Business Bureau, the county clerk, and the local utility companies to make sure they are legit. You can also check your state’s licensing board online.

Failing To Get An Estimate In Writing Or Only Accepting A Verbal Agreement 

Contractors sometimes will try getting rid of their competitors by making lowball offers with no paper trail. If you’re looking for a number to compare multiple contractors against one another, be sure to get one from every service provider, even if it is just an estimate over the phone until you have time to schedule more appointments.

Not Asking For References 

Ask potential stump grinding contractors for at least three references that are okay with you calling them so that you can ask about their experience working with this company. The most qualified contractors will be more than happy to help you out, while others might be hesitant because they’re unsure of whether or not they’ll get the job. Knowing how a potential contractor works is important before signing a contract so that you can make an informed decision.

Not being present for the work to start If you need to take off during the work day, it’s best if somebody else can be there in your place who knows exactly what measurements should look like and if everything is being done according to plan. Make sure that everyone involved agrees on what was discussed in terms of pricing and timing as well.