Home Maintenance: Maintaining Air And Water Quality

According to some estimates, the air inside the house may be up to five times more contaminated than outdoor air. In addition, unclean air ducts can harbor bacteria that lead to a variety of ailments throughout the year. It is therefore critical to maintain the ducts and keep them clean.

Is Cleaning The HVAC System Necessary?

The answer is yes, for several reasons. Dust, allergens, and other pollutants are just a few of the particles that circulate in your home’s air through your duct system. They can and should be removed with routine air duct cleaning

. Most of these are removed from the air stream by air filters.

Cleaning Frequently and Thoroughly Works Best

Regular house cleaning is a starting point to ensure that you get rid of the majority of pathogens on objects in the house. Cleaning surfaces within the house assists the family in remaining healthy by getting rid of bacteria, grime, and other contaminants. Again, frequent sanitizing or disinfection is quite necessary to prevent the spread of disease through surface contact.

Before applying sanitizers or disinfectants, surfaces should be cleansed since contaminants like dirt may make it more difficult for the chemicals to penetrate and eradicate germs. However, unless someone in your home is ill or a sick person has recently visited, you most likely do not need to sterilize or disinfect the air ducts for cleaning.

Health Risks From Dirty Air Ducts

Airborne diseases can be extremely problematic, especially for those who are susceptible to allergies. If anyone in your household suffers from asthma, failing to ensure that the air that enters your home is clean could have dire consequences. Dirty air could either set off their symptoms or exacerbate them. If you fail to clean your ducts, you run the risk of having dust, pollen, and other particles clog your filters.

Larger particles are easily captured by your air filter, but they have nowhere to go. They remain stuck in the filters. Meanwhile, your HVAC works to cool the outside air and extract moisture from it, so the air duct can become the ideal breeding ground for mold.

How To Check For Dirty Air Ducts

Regular, scheduled maintenance is commendable, but you should still be able to inspect your system by yourself. This will help you quickly narrow down any points where attention may be required.Some basic information will be to look inside one of your wall vent covers by opening it. With a torch, you can try to see whether it has any debris, matted dust, or dirt. Watch out for rodents, insects, and vermin. They can open holes in the ducts and make nests.

A common mistake some homeowners make is relying on their HVAC system as their only source of ventilation. Doors and windows exist for a reason, and they will be used. It would be wise to install netting, but regularly opening windows to aerate the home reduces the strain on the HVAC system. Keep your home safe with a small adjustment.