Avoid These Table Lamp Buying Mistakes to Find the Right Lamp for Your Home

If you are like many homeowners, you probably have installed permanent light fixtures in all parties of your house. But you may also want to have table lamps. Union table lamps are available in various designs and shapes that suit your preferences and illumination needs.  The majority of them are affordable, replaceable, energy-efficient, and portable. You can find table lamps in online stores or in a home furnishing store in your area. However, you need to know how to pick the right lamp first.

When you start searching for table lamps, you must not base your decision on their look alone. You should also consider factors like light brightness, electricity, and distribution. Also, do not make any of the following mistakes:

Picking the Wrong Light Colour

Apart from getting a nice-looking lamp, you also have to consider the colour of its light. Some table lamps have fluorescent, incandescent, or LED light bulbs. Incandescent light is yellowish and might not be comfortable for the eyes. Lighting is essential in setting the overall aura and mood of a room. So, check out various types of light bulbs before you purchase a table lamp. A lot of bulbs generate a warm light, some are white and appear more natural, and others have a cool hue. Consider finding lamps that have a combination of light colours for various occasions and times of the day.

Not Picking the Right Lampshade

Check various lamp shades first before buying table lamps. Lamps that are too tall may have overwhelming brightness. So, you may want to purchase a lamp at eye level. Also, stay away from very wide lamps. The right lamp has a diameter of around two inches less than the length of its base. Thus, a 12-inch-tall lamp must have a 10-inch diameter shade. 

Mixing Various Lamp Styles

Although it is a bold move to mix and match various table lamp styles, the results can be interesting. But you should take into account some rules when doing so. For instance, you should consider mixing lamps that have a similar colour, shade, metal finish, or shape. 

Failing to Think About Lamp Weight

A heavier table lamp may be a good choice. Lighter lamps will get knocked over easily, particularly when there are children and pets in your house. To be safe, it is best to place your table lamps in low-traffic areas in your house to prevent accidents.