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Tough and industrial appearance for Interior Designs

Tough, robust, industrial, we are still not tired of it! So feel free to buy a few new metal pendant lamps. Preferably in black or gray,the lighting can have the appearance of a (vintage) factory lamp and you don’t have to neatly hide the metal chains either.

Use of natural materials

Do you prefer a soft and neutral atmosphere? Then a hanging lamp made of a natural material might be a great option. From a rattan lamp with a bohemian look to a sturdy wooden hanging lamp for a rural atmosphere, the natural materials are at their best when there is no color over them. Beige or brown is the most beautiful in this trend. Making use of the https://www.swissinterior.com.sg/hdb-interior-design is essential in this case.

Chic with gold, copper and bronze

For a chic touch, look at pendant lamps made of gold, copper or bronze. These can have both a glossy and a matte finish. It just depends on what best suits your personal interior style. Also cool: a lampshade that is tough black on the outside and shiny gold on the inside. This gives a special effect when you turn on the light source.

Round and organic shapes

The latest major lamp trend has to do with shape. More and more often we see round and organic shapes return. It doesn’t have to be so tight and ‘perfect’ anymore. The playful shapes and soft lines add more atmospheres to a room. There may even be varied with different copies. In addition, alternate with the sizes and heights to make it even more dynamic.

It is still a very big trend: wood in the bathroom. Despite the modern bathrooms with large gray tiles setting the new standard, many people fall for the charm of the natural material. Wood creates atmosphere and gives a room character. But can you actually use it in a damp room such as the bathroom? And for which styles are the wooden elements suitable? We give you all the answers in this comprehensive article.

Wood in the bathroom: is that actually possible?

When you see this stylish bathroom trend, you may wonder whether it is wise to use wood in the bathroom. After all, you have a lot to do with moisture and water in this space. Fortunately, we can reassure you immediately. Wood in the bathroom is fine! There are only a few points that you have to take into account. To start with, you need to choose a strong and hard wood.

Think of teak wood, jatoba wood, merbau wood or oak wood. In addition, the right finish is very important. The bathroom furniture from WOOD4are for example made of solid oak. The wood has been treated with a special primer and a 2-component oil. This makes the natural material resistant to moisture and will keep it beautiful for a long time. Another way to make wood water resistant is to treat it with a lacquer or varnish. For this, it is best to choose matte paint. Oiled wood will thus retain its natural appearance more clearly.